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Cloud Accounting Softwares vs Book Keeper

Cloud Has Its Own Benefits, But

If you are in field or in rural area and you don’t have access to internet.
Your cloud accounting software will be useless.
Forget about data entry, it won’t even open.
We know real struggle of field.
It’s time to switch to real apps not browsers.
It’s time to switch to Book Keeper.

Your Company. Your Data. Your Control.

In case of cloud accounting softwares, your data is stored on their servers.
Book Keeper stores your data and company information locally on your device, even Book Keeper team cannot see your data.
You can sync your data across devices, still you are in charge.
You are the real owner and you know best where to keep your data.

What If Creating An Invoice Takes So Long

Your business is prospering everyday, your customers are waiting in queue
and you are waiting for loading accounts/items to create an invoice, because everything will be fetched online.
With Book Keeper you can create invoices in a jiffy.

Cloud Softwares Are Always Expensive

Cloud software providers need to manage their servers
and they will always recover the cost from you.
Book Keeper stores your data locally in your device. No added cost. No hidden cost.

Become a Partner

It’s Rewarding To Partner with Book Keeper

When you become a Book Keeper Partner, you’ll earn industry-leading commission and the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping small business owners thrive.

Our partners mean the world to us and we know your clients mean everything to you. We have designed the Book Keeper Partner Program to help you grow and build rewarding relationships with your clients.

Come be part of Book Keeper Family. Email us at

Completing Accounting Solution

No complex accounting terms, maintain accounting books with ease, no accounting/bookkeeping knowledge required.
A stand-alone app, no dependency on other software, no sign up required.
Suitable for traders, retailers, wholesalers, manufacturing businesses.
It works on all your Android, iOS and Windows desktop devices with seamless data syncing among all your devices.